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Ulcerative Colitis Stem Cell Treatment

The Definition of the Disease

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease that affects only the large intestine, accompanied by its inflammation, swelling and the formation of ulcers. This disease is mostly diagnosed in people aged 20 - 40 years and after 55 years.

Causes of ulcerative colitis

Causes are not reliably known. Normal functioning of the large intestine is violated by the pathogens (Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and others.), causing stagnation of the intestinal contents; foci of infection in the gallbladder, pancreas and other organs, anatomically related to the intestines; systematic eating of heavy digestible food, spicy foods, alcohol; chronic constipation, leading to the accumulation of heavy fecal residues that are not removed completely; laxatives can only increase the irritation of the large intestine. Other causes: an allergic reaction to certain foods, use of antibiotics, neuro-emotional disorders, stress. The exacerbations often occur after physical and nervous stress. It is more common in women.

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis

Patients report about diarrhea, excretion of blood with the stool, abdominal pain. There can be found admixture of pus in the stool but less frequently. The overall health becomes disturbed, accompanied by loss of appetite, apathy, weight loss, fever up to 37, 5 ° C. The disease can occur very severy accompanied by bleeding from ulcers, perforation of the intestine wall. The disease is most often perennial and requires constant therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Stem Cell Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis and diabetes is unique and very promising. Ulcerative colitis stem cell treatment, provides the ability to replace the damaged cells with healthy bowel cells.

Administered stem cells enter into the zone of cell death of the bowel; they replace diseased intestinal scar tissue on the wall with the healthy tissue, thereby restoring it.

As a result of the treatment of ulcerative colitis with stem cells, occurs regeneration (recovery) of diseased bowel wall over its site, resolution of scarring and healing of ulcers, as confirmed by X-ray and colonoscopic examinations.

Results of our Treatment

After many years of hard researches we have gained many positive changes in ulcerative colitis treatment. We have made huge steps to consummate our researches. Our tests have shown us the results we have been hoping for. Thanks to stem cell therapy we have obtained the following achievements:

  • Disappearance of pain;
  • Deliverance of diarrhea and flatulence;
  • Normal temperature;
  • No pains in joints;
  • improved immunity;
  • Satisfying overall health;
  • Healthy appetite;
  • A positive impact on the psychological status.


Prices and Contacts

In order to get the price for our treatment, you have to send results of your recent analyzes to our clinic’s email address. Afterwards, we will let you know costs and all information you need. We set prices individually for each patient and they depend on several occasions – disease severity, complications, state of the patient, type and number of fetal stem cells that are needed for transplantation.

You can find us by the following address – Contact us

If you need to contact us via internet or by the phone here is the needed contact information:


Stem cell treatment for ulcerative colitis is a real rescue. Try our therapy now and get rid of your disease for good.


ulcerative colitis treatment


Letter of patient K.

I had awful pains in my stomach and my digestive system could not manage to digest many foods. I have tried many kinds of treatment, bur nothing really worked. So, I tried this new kind of treatment with stem cells. I received nice results several months later. I couldn’t even believe my eyes! Now I’m fine again.


Letter of patient H.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It was a very dangerous disease and I had to take immediate measures. I addressed to UTC Clinic. Their revolutionary medication with stem cells made me healthy again just within a couple of month. Great job!


Letter of patient D.

I got ulcerative colitis. You know that it’s a severe illness. I had problems with digestion, lost my weight and had constant temperature. All my problems faded away after passing a course of treatment with stem cells. I’m fit and healthy now.


Letter of patient H.

Ulcerative colitis is very dangerous. It’s not that easy even to talk about it. I had awful pain in my stomach, couldn’t eat much and had diarrhea. Then I tried a unique treatment of stem cell at UTC Clinic and all my illnesses disappeared some months later.


Letter of patient N.

I want to thank the whole staff of UTC Clinic, because they have saved me from this dreadful disease. Thanks to their method of transplantation stem cells I have fully recovered. They are real professionals and their method is really effective. Thanks a lot!

News and Researchments

- The University of California, Los Angeles, has received funding to test a new bone growth-accelerating therapy onboard the International Space Station.

- First lab-grown contracting human muscle.

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