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Ulcerated colitis curing in UCTCThousands of people worldwide, regardless of age, status and sex, suffer from ulcerated colitis – a quite common disease, which is primarily characterized by the inflammation with ulcer formation in the large intestine. This type of inflammation quite often extends to various degrees into the upper parts of the colon. In case the entire colon is getting involved, the condition is called universal colitis or pancolitis.

What are the main triggers?

Perhaps, when it comes to ulcerated colitis, one of the main problems is the fact its triggers are still unknown. In most cases, the disease is inherited, and even a rather strong immune system cannot fight the first symptoms. It recognizes the colon lining as foreign and starts attacking it, thus causing inflammation. In its turn, inflammation develops ulcers and bleeding.

According to the recent researches, there exist two possible variants of the disease’s occurrence:

  • environment
  • genetics

There are environmental factors (infections) that can trigger ulcerative colitis in people with genetic susceptibility. BUT this is not proven. The disease can also run in families, and nearly 25% of people with this disease have a 1st-degree relative with the inflammatory bowel disease.

Speaking of symptoms and signs of ulcerated colitis

Nearly 50% of all patients with ulcerative colitis experience rather mild symptoms. However, they may vary from person to person. To the number of the commonest ones belong:

  1. crampy abdominal pain
  2. looser and more urgent bowel movements
  3. bloody stool
  4. persistent diarrhea

Along with comparatively mild signs, there are several more serious ones. Many sufferers also experience loss of appetite, which leads to unhealthy weight loss. Besides, the condition is generally accompanied by fatigue and low energy level.

There’s one positive thing about the condition of ulcerative colitis: its symptoms come and go pretty fast with long periods in between the flare-ups, when a patient doesn’t experience any distress. The so-called remission periods may last up to several months and even years (!), though the symptoms will eventually return. This is why it so hard to identify whether the treatment course was effective or not.

Managing ulcerated colitis

Dealing with the condition may be a quite hard task; however this is not a problem for UCTC specialists. Here at Unique Cell Treatment Clinic we know how to treat the condition, depriving from painful symptoms, stress and discomfort. A completely new stem cell therapy (ulcerative colitis treatment) is an alternative and fast way to eliminate the condition of ulcerative colitis once and for all, regardless of stage and the complications accompanied.