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Ulcer colitis and options for self-managing

Ulcer colitis options - UCTCUlcer colitis curing presupposes a vast number of therapies and courses that promise pain and discomfort elimination. The truth is that far not all methods are equally effective and working, and what treats in one case, seems to be fruitless in dozens of others.

Facing the problem of ulcer colitis day after day, physicians from Unique Cell Treatment Clinic offer one of the best ways out for those, who are now trying to fight the disease, but fail in seeing any positive results. Stem cell treatment works there, where other medical options can’t help. Any difficulty level is now curable thanks to stem cells application.

Along with a professional treatment, every ulcer colitis sufferer should also keep to a special diet plan that contributes to a rather fast disease treatment. Self-managing is very important and includes a nutrient-rich diet, as well as healthy lifestyle habits. In fact, these two factors are primer in the course of fatigue, anemia and weakness avoidance.

Foods to eat with ulcer colitis

If you’re aiming at eliminating the problem (ulcerative colitis treatment) once and for all, we suggest paying more attention to:

  • Fresh fruits. They provide a huge number of various vitamins and limited fiber, nutrients and water for abdominal upset prevention. Among the best options are peaches and bananas, cooked apples and avocados, soft melons and seedless grapes. Refuse from plums, figs, dried fruits, crab apples and coconuts as the fiber in them irritates the intestines, thus leading to diarrhea.
  • Turkey. Why? This is a great source of proteins, which the body lacks in cases of ulcer colitis. Low protein levels result in muscle loss and hinder healing, while sufficient levels regenerate cells and participate in the strengthening of the immune system.
  • Yogurt. Plain yogurt includes probiotics that encourage healthy digestion. This is the primer reasons why diary products are allowed, BUT only in moderate amounts. You can also opt for milk, but in many people it triggers gastrointestinal problems (stomach upset, bloating or gas). If you face the same problems, replace milk with lactose-free/soy milk.

Foods to avoid with Ulcer colitis

To the list of top foods that must be avoided belong also for anti-aging treatment:

  1. caffeine – causes dehydration and leads to bowel movements
  2. alcohol – aggravates the intestines (esp. mixed drinks and beer)
  3. bubbly drinks – cause the irritation of the stomach lining
  4. beans – lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating
  5. pellets, skins and seeds – irritate the intestines lining
  6. stringy veggies – they are extremely hard to absorb
  7. nuts – they are hard to digest and can irritate the stomach
  8. fatty foods – they aren’t well-absorbed
  9. spices Keeping to these recommendations in food choice, you’ll soon eliminate ulcer colitis symptoms and feel much better.