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The Seriousness of Alzheimer's Disease - UCTC Clinic

This sickness is overly serious, inasmuch as it deprives examinees from most essential things every person requires to remain a human – thinking, memory, speech and all kinds of motion. The sickness manifests in the degeneracy of neurons in the area of our cerebrum that in answerable for gnostical information. Commonly, the symptomatology progresses quite steadily and can be more clearly seen within many years. As the time passes, the advancement of the ailment becomes only worse and inconvertible.

AlzheimersThis illness is usual for elderly examinees. About 10 percent and a bit more of the suffering are those who have reached the age of 65-75. The rate of older examinees that writhe from this sickness reaches the point of 50 and gets higher. At first, the memory loss becomes more frequent and obvious. Forgetting is a common happening with many people of older age, nevertheless, this may be one of the symptoms of our illness. The next manifestation is the experiencing of troubles when moving. It gets more difficult to fulfill the every-day activities – dressing, eating, washing etc. Almost all their actions lack motivation and they turn into unpredictable identities. Their behavior gets more and more absurd. Such sicknesses as pneumonia or malnutrition can be possibly induced by Alzheimer’s ailment. In the latest stadiums of the sickness, examines ought to fully depend on somebody’s assistance.

The outcomes are mournful and this sickness is considered to be incurable. Nevertheless, UCTC clinic does not give up and suggests universal stem cell treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Great Hopes with Universal Method

In the course of this illness occurs the wasting of cerebrum cells. Examinees forget not only the things that had taken place long ago, but also the happenings of the current. They may even forget their names and addresses. They lose capability to move and even stand and sit firmly. But novel conductions have showed tremendously positive results by treatment with stem cells.

Unique stem cell therapy has given dependable outcomes. These unique cells rebuild the wasted areas of the cerebrum. While curing examinees, there were noticed positive changes in the average behavior. Their memory steadily returns, their motions become more firm and their actions are motivated and thoroughly thought through, the speech returns to norm as well. Of course, this is not over, and more researchers and tests would take place. Nevertheless, such outstanding and rapid changes give great hopes for healthy senility.

Our team of professionals would surely continue the development of this method and is sure in further positive advancement in this field.