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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Can Cure Ulcerative Colitis

ulcerative-colitis.jpgNot so long ago, there have been conducted special researches for curing ulcerative colitis in rats at the China Medical University. The scholars have used mesenchymal stem cells. Multiple conductions have shown that curing has been sufficiently quickened. It has been found out that cells cure the ailment by the regulation of microRNAs. They actively help the renewing, though it is not clear enough how they act.

This novel approach has given very positive alterations in restoring the healthy conditions of examinees. The entire process of curing runs pretty quickly and this brings great hopes for fast overcoming of the ailment in men. All inflammatory manifestations sufficiently decrease and all functions get back to norm.

This methodology should be tested and enhanced. Notwithstanding, the current results have confirmed that this method has bright perspective for the future advancement and soon would be capable to cure human examinees. The definition of the role of microRNAs also should be worked out. Its interaction with stem cells seems to be utterly essential and the further conductions will take place.