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Stem Cells are Capable to Protect Us against Viruses

stem_cells_and_virusesScholars from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology that is functioning in Singapore have stated that stem cells are capable to hugely secure our health from multiple viruses. There exist definite types of cells that suppress the negative advancement of viruses and their further enhancement after which they negatively affect DNA. Such specification is known as proviral silencing. Until recently, such capability has not been completely testified. Accordingly, the team of professional scholars of IMCB has decided to invent novel methodology in studying this capability.

There has been implemented special screening, which has been controlling 303 genes and 148 different process. In the course of this screening, the scholars have clearly affirmed that genes Chaf1a and Sumo2 possess the major capabilities for withstanding infection from viruses. Such discovery has given a solid push for the advancement and further sustenance of virus defense. The novel insights have enhanced new methodology and diagnostic approaches for curing infected parts of our organism form various hazardous organisms. This is only the beginning. Notwithstanding, this is a very productive and essential start with bright perspectives.