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Stem cell treatment Coronary Heart - UCTC Clinic

UCTC actively works for implementing novel approaches in curing different ailments. One of such is coronary heart illness. Since 1995 our stuff constantly searches for better and better methods for overcoming the illness. Our specialists achieved positive changes in the process of the curing, putting to the usage stem cell treatment. They have gained the maximal effectuality in this matter.

Stem cell treatment Coronary Heart This ailment is acute/chronic heart illness induced by an inequality between myocardial oxygen demand and its “delivery” by coronary arteries. Consequently, it leads to a infringement of “pumping” functions of the heart. Atherosclerosis is the cause of the enhancement of the illness. It also induces to the enhancement of cerebrovascular illness. This inequality increases the need of energy for the heart muscle while physical and emotional activities. The narrowing of the arteries induces various severe ailments that are dangerous for life.

UCTC has successfully implemented stem cell therapy against different forms of the ailment (acute/chronic). Fetal stem cells are capable to transform into various cell types, creating novel spaces of healthy tissue. Our methodology has shown the maximal effectuality in curing, particularly for examinees with myocardial infarction with the formation of post infarction, cardio sclerosis or chronic heart aneurysm. Metabolic abilities of the curing strongly decrease the level of atherogenic that is a reason of the progress and enhancement of atherosclerosis.

The preparations, implemented on the basis of our method, effectually decrease the seriousness of clinical consequences, sustain remission, and better the life quality: decreases severity of angina attacks, maintains the tolerance for physical activity and decreases different manifestations of the illness. The curing with our preparations has constantly stable and long-termed results. It also corrects various risk factors for this ailment and is a brilliant variant of the precluding of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular occurrences. Our specialists observe the examinees within some time and monitor the after the process of curing to secure their life.

Our curing does not run difficult and is commonly easy tolerated by the examinees. Another pleasant news is the time of the curing. Commonly it runs from two to four days. Here it depends on the seriousness of the ailment.

Efficacious and approved method is your chance to overcome the illness.