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Stem Cell Therapy in UCTC Clinic

Unique Treatment with Stem Cells

stem cell clinic Alexander Smikodub Sr. Stem cell therapy is a unique, revolutionary method of treatment against many diseases. Stem cells, as well as technologies based on their use, attract great attention of scientists around the world. There are two reasons. Firstly, on the basis of the development of SC – it is really revolutionary technology to change the approach to the treatment of many serious diseases. Secondly, due to not too literate publications in the media, in the public mind stem cell research and their use are associated with cloning or "cultivation of human embryos for spare parts." Many stem cell clinics around the world use actively this outstanding stem cell therapy.

The basic meaning of the discovery of stem cells in medicine is that the full potential of improvement appears to be laid in our body from the very beginning of our life. stem cell clinic s make numerable sorts of therapies. Stem cells provide regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, thereby replacing old and dying cells of the human body. The discovery of stem cells is one of the great discoveries and achievements of mankind, which is able to change the traditional approaches in the treatment of diseases that earlier considered to be incurable. Stem cell therapies are proved to be very reliable and efficacious.

Thus, therapy stem cells support our health and prevent our premature aging.

Advantages of Fetal stem cell therapy

We provide fetal stem cell therapy in our clinic. Fetal stem cells are obtained from abortive material on 6-12 week of pregnancy. They are capable of unlimited proliferation and differentiation into special cells of any kind. Fetal cells have differentiation. At first, each of them may take only a limited number of divisions, but afterwards, they grow into many sufficiently certain types of specialized cells, that are used in our cell therapy. This fact makes their clinical therapy more secure. Thus, cells from fetal liver can develop specialized cells of the liver and hematopoietic cells. From fetal neural tissue, respectively, occur more specialized nerve cells, etc.

Stem cell treatment as a form of stem cell therapy originates precisely from the use of fetal stem cells. In the last 50 years in different countries of the world have been carried out a series of clinical work with their application. And our stem cell treatment clinic successfully provides this way of therapy. Our stem cell clinic has many years of experience in the field of stem cell therapy.

Treatment at our Clinic

Since the very foundation of our stem cell treatment center we have been constantly developing and improving our technologies ways of medication and therapy. Nowadays our stem cell clinic is able to offer our clients a wide range of qualified abilities: <strong>stem cell therapy</strong>

  • Technological equipment of UTC Clinic is being continuously improving in clinical practice introducing new medical techniques. Through these processes grows professional level of patient care.
  • We have many years of experience. All our specialists are top-level professionals and improve their knowledge from year to year.
  • Our Center takes care of patients all over the world, including patients from Europe, the US and Asia. Our staff tries to make the process of obtaining medical care for the patient as comfortable as possible.
  • Our Clinic aims to provide all their patients’ health care on the highest level. We strive to maintain its leading position in the private health system and successfully continue the process of creating new methods of therapy.
  • We treat every patient individually, trying to consider all his/her wishes to make the whole process more convenient and effective.


stem cell clinic Alexander Smikodub Sr.

Prices and Contacts

We used to have a client-centered approach to everyone, and only after analyzing patient's condition (in medical reports),we are able to set the price for our treatment. Our prices vary due to different matters, such as-complexity of treatment, condition of patient and quantity of stem cells that are to be transplanted.

Stem cell treatment is new and efficient way of your recovery.