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Life after ALS? 

 By Shelly Vaughn

First of all I have to tell you that I believe that what I am dealing with is not ALS, but ALS type symptoms caused by a number of accumulated head traumas that I have experienced over the years going back to when I was five years old. These traumas were caused by numerous car accidents that were fairly serious causing whiplash, concussions and hospital stays. Not to mention numerous times that I got bucked off a green horse without a helmet. I was a real Texas Cowgirl after all.

Then in 2009 a runaway horse at a show kicked me so hard that I went five feet in the air and landed on my face six feet away from where I had been standing. I had numerous fractures to my face and serious trauma to my neck.  After a lengthy recovery I was able to stand up, walk and work again training and showing horses, as well as run a riding academy and a program I called JoyRide to help emotionally challenged people and autistic children.

In August of 2010 there was a study released by a group of American doctors where they believed they had discovered a link between head trauma and the development of ALS type symptoms. ESPN did a big special on this in which they questioned, did Lou Gehring really have ALS or head trauma from using his head to stop fast pitched hard balls?

At the end of 2010 my ability to walk started to diminish and then I had to quit driving my truck which almost killed me.  In early 2011 I lost the ability to walk at all and now found myself in a wheelchair.  I went to a couple of doctors and was diagnosed with having ALS.  I did not believe that I had ALS and was referred to South Western Medical School which is one of the best in the country.  After some extensive tests and examinations I had six neurological specialists scratching their heads saying, “We do not know what is wrong with you”.

I began to do my own online research to see if I could find some answers. I scoured the net researching neurological diseases, orthopedic diseases and yes, even ALS. Nothing really fit what I was dealing with.  As a result of me not fitting into a more popular and common ailment meant there was also no treatment available for me.  After talking to my personal doctor who prided himself on staying current with the latest research and new treatments we agreed that a stem cell treatment of some sort might provide help. Then I began another round of research looking into all the various types of stem cell treatments available.  Numerous options were available using adult stem cells taken from Bone Marrow, umbilical cord, placenta, fat and such.  However when I looked further it seemed to me that these treatments were rather short lived in their effectiveness as the immune system of the patient would eventually kill off the introduced stem cells as they were foreign to the body of the recipient.

In reading through a lot of stem cell propaganda and possible scams I discovered a clinic in Kiev, the capitol of the Ukraine founded by a Dr. Alexander Smikodub who had pioneered and founded the world’s first fetal stem cell treatments back in 1994. Dr. Smikodub claimed that the fetal stem cells he used in his treatments taken from legally aborted fetuses from 5-12 weeks old would not be rejected by a recipient’s immune system.  The reason was that at this age these stem cells were very powerful yet they had not yet developed antigens.  If antigens were present as they are in adult stem cells they would be attacked and destroyed quite naturally by the body’s immune system.  I reviewed thoroughly his website in particular the testimonials contained inside.  It all appeared very, very good and I believed that I was onto a real deal that could help me.                   

During the initial week that I was in Kiev I received a special treatment from the clinic of Dr. Smikodub.  It was the most powerful treatment they could give me taken from very young material.  This material would take a bit longer to establish itself so it was good that I had already planned on spending a month.  It takes the stem cells some time to identify what parts of the body need repairing and then they take time to get to work growing posterity. If you get a virus of some sort during this initial stage it greatly affects the impact the stem cells can make.  If they are busy fighting a virus they are not fixing me. I must admit that the care I was receiving was the best I ever experienced over the past three years in Texas. I was being cared for with love and I felt safe and at home.  



 Visit of Torres Family and Baby Jesus

Description of Jesus' treatment at UCTC

Diagnosis: Delay in mental and physical development. Cerebral atrophy.

UCTClinic's driver met our esteemed patients at Boryspil Airport and brought them to their apartment near the clinic. 

On Monday morning patients were picked up from the apartment by our driver and taken directly to the clinic. It is improtant to know that on the first day of treatment we perform blood and urine tests and Ultrasound examination, and therefore patient should come fasting. Complimentary breakfast is provided for all the guests after the samples are taken.

After the breakfast, UCTC specialists do a thorough pre-treatment examination. This exam is very important for the doctors to make a final determination of the patient’s condition compared with the medical reports that were previously submitted and studied.

After examination our doctors decide what additional tests and investigations are required for the patient. These can include MRI, gastroscopy, consultations of highly specialized doctors or other diagnostic procedures if necessary. All of these exams can be scheduled immediately, as UCTClinic is located inside Kiev Municipal Hospital, which is one of the largest, oldest and best in Ukraine. Such a thorough examination usually takes the entire day.

On the second day, the team of doctors analyze the obtained results of examinations and determine exactly what will be the best selection of fetal stem cell material to use for the treatment. Every patient is unique so that means every treatment should be unique and special. Each treatment is chosen individually for every patient to maximize the healing potential possible. Once the stem cell material to be used is selected, it is administered very non-intrusively by means of a simple IV that takes 30 or 40 minutes. After this it is advised that the patient go back to the hotel/apartment and take a rest till the end of the day.

Now and for the next 7 days these new fetal stem cells will be traveling through the blood stream of the body seeking out where they are supposed to go and what damage they are required to repair. Fetal stem cells we use are aged between 5-12 weeks, and they have not yet developed antigens. This means that they will not be rejected or attacked by the patients’ own immune system. They will be allowed to incorporate themselves with the body of the patient where they can grow and build the posterity required for healing.

Next day in the morning, UCTC driver take the patients to the clinic for the second administration of fetal cell preparation. The doctors once again examine a patient, and then Dr. Smikodub makes several injections of stem cell material under the skin on the patients’ abdomen. After the procedure our patients have some rest in the clinic's room. Then they have a final consultation with Dr. Smikodub, who explains what results should be expected and what is prohibited after stem cell transplantation. Patients receive medical report containing all the information about performed treatment and medicines priscribed by our doctors. We ask all our patients to stay in touch with us, so we can follow and monitor the progress.