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Parkinson's disease. Studies.

Parkinson's disease.jpgDepending upon the feedbacks of series of transplantations, which took place in 80s of the 20th century, experts have a hope that Parkinson’s disease can be cured with stem cells. Four Parkinson’s examinees took part in that study. Scandinavian scientists grew cells from their adrenal glands and placed them into the cerebrum. There inhabit such cells which produce dopamine and similar substances. After the procedure, there occurred betterments in examinee’s conditions, still, they were not significant. And the effect of the curing did not last for long. Such an operation was only the beginning.

There were also other researchments, when American, Swedish and Canadian experts tried to transplanted neurones, which form dopamine. The results were various for each patient - from no changes to noticeable improvements. The scientists did not stop their researches, and are actively laboring to find a way how to overcome the ailment with stem cells. But there are also some impediments. For some people this has become an ethical question.

With the implementation of stem cell curing for this ailment, physicians receive a possibility to grow cells for examinees:

There were successful transplantations into rats, which had proven the betterment of the ailments sympatolodgy. Of course, some more researches must be conducted to confirm the dependability of the method.