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Medical Development in Ukraine

News about innovations in different clinics around the globe and miracle operations conducted there, are heard everywhere, and Ukraine does not fall behind. Ukraine had always been famous for its brilliant and genius minds in various spheres of life. Medical history and development also has its “heroes”. Such outstanding people as Mykola Pyrogov or Mykola Amosov are well-known all over the world and are highly estimated in medical circles. Except them, there were many other famous specialist in various fields of medicine who had done noticeable contribution to the development of the world medicine.

Having such great scientist and doctors, the current generation of medics simply could fail. The modern medicine in Ukraine attracts more and more people due its universal and efficacious innovations. Ukrainian physicians and scientists had achieved a lot of things.

Medical Development in UkraineGreat innovations are put to use in surgery. For instance, if you have to undergo surgery, such as removal of the appendix or a tumor, do not worry about a long recovery period: surgeons will put you on your feet during the day. All thanks to a single access laparoscopic surgery, this has been applied in the world for almost three years ago, and almost immediately appeared in Ukraine. Surgeons get access to the internal abdominal organs through the navel, which seemed before absolutely useless.

Another “know-how” is NOTES technology. It is an operation through natural openings – the vagina or mouth. Most often there are removed an inflamed gall bladder or appendix.

Another discovery is a special gene diagnosis. Recently, doctors have examined the genes that determine a high risk of developing celiac disease – intolerance of cereal and as a result a chronic inflammation of the small intestine.

Also, cell technologies are being developed and studied for curing of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, heart failure, liver diseases, AIDS, etc.

In Ukraine in 1984 it was set up Europe's first cord blood bank and Ukrainian specialists are now working on its isolation and cryo-storage of stem cells.

Here also should be mentioned UCTC center, which is widely known in the world due to its great inventions in the curing of different illnesses with stem cells.


Unique Cell Treatment Clinic is situated in Kiev, Ukraine and has already gained worldwide fame. It has been organized in 1994 by Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. His son Dr. Alexander Smikodub Jr. M.D. has followed his father and now is heading the clinic. UCTClinic widely provides curing of various illnesses by transplantation of fetal stem cells, which have universal priorities.

The clinic specializes in curing of such ailments as autism, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, conditions after stroke, as well as implements an anti-aging therapy. Still, it is not the full list, as clinic’s staff, lead by Dr. Alexander Smikodub Jr. M.D. desires to widen their sphere of curing of many difficult ailments, which are concluded to be untreatable.

Why choose UCTC?

UCTC has many clients from every corner of the world and this all due to unique therapy, which is proven as very dependable and efficacious. The team of professionals has already conducted about 10 000 transplantations, joining tremendous success, and that is why UCTC is so honored and famous. The specialists are not going to stop with what they have, and are going to conduct new researches for a better improvement of their methods, trying to make them as effectual as possible for reliable results against various severe ailments. This methodology of curing promises a bright future for thousands people.