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Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment

The Definition of the Disease

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood, which should be a result of a defect in insulin secretion or action. Customary, blood glucose levels are rigidly controlled by hormone insulin built up by the pancreas. Insulin lessens the blood sugar level. In patients with diabetes, the deficiency or scanty production of insulin entails hyperglycemia. There are two types of diabetes. The first type is characterized by absolute lack of insulin; the second type is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, developing as a result of failures of the interaction of insulin with tissue cells.

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

Currently, cell therapy is used in many diseases that have been formally reckoned untreatable. Stem cells and diabetes work go together and are growing of large importance. Stem cell therapy is possible at both 1st and 2nd types of diabetes. The goal of stem cell treatment transplant for diabetes is the prevention of its epiphenomenon, as well as carbohydrate metabolism, reduction of insulin in the first type of diabetes and normalization of blood glucose levels in the second type of diabetes. Stem cells have the unique property – they are able to transform cells into those tissues in which they reside, including the beta cells of the pancreas. Furthermore, stem cells play a role in renewing microcirculatory vascular channel, which mainly is affected from diabetes.

Stem cell diabetes treatment and autism treatment is provided with the help of fetal stem cells, which are administrated to the patient mostly intravenously. Transplantation of stem cells does not require hospitalization and outpatient passes. Stem cells in diabetes to treat the disease also positively influences on the autoimmune component, which is among factors of diabetes. Predominantly cell therapy of diabetes results in elimination or prevention of any diabetic complications while having a very limited list of contraindications to it.

The results of the curing make this therapy one of the best of currently existing. It is already quite popular in many medical centers in the USA and other countries, and the costs of it seem to be a small price when you have a chance to overcome the ailment. Our clinic does not fall behind too, having success stories in the curing of diabetes and many other illnesses.

Results of Stem Cell Therapy

We are proud to acknowledge that stem cell treatment for diabetes

  • The dose of insulin can be significantly reduced after our treatment;
  • Hematological and immunological indices come to normal levels;
  • There are fewer manifestations of macro- and micro-angiopathy;
  • Quick restoration of the immune system;
  • Efficient therapy for diabetes complications that helps to prevent surgeries;
  • A risk for dystrophic disorders and trophic disturbances is less;
  • Stops progressing of the disease and increases the remission periods;
  • Prevention of serious diabetes-related complications.
  • Renewal of working capacity;


Diabetes treatment


Prices and Contacts

After receiving medical information on your condition, we will be able to inform you the cost of our treatment. The price is set individually for each patient and depends on complexity of the treatment, state of the patient, type and number of fetal stem cells to be administered, all the necessary analyzes are to be made in our clinic before the treatment, etc.

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After treatment with medications based on fetal cell suspensions such effects are noticed in patients with diabetes:


diabetes treatment Due to the significant decrease of blood glucose level positive dynamics of clinical disease is observed, making it possible to improve the quality of life of the patient, keep working.


diabetes treatment Stable remission of disease is achieved, making it possible to reduce the dosage or completely withdraw from taking hypoglycemic medications (insulin or tablet forms of drugs).
diabetes treatment Long-term compensation of carbohydrate metabolism helps to prevent the occurrence or further progression of chronic complications of diabetes by kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular and nervous system. diabetes treatment Full control of glycemia, as well as concomitant strengthening effect on the immune system of the body reduces the risk of associated acute and chronic diseases of infectious nature.


Stem cells and diabetes belong to one field of using now. Try this special treatment and experience yourself the real help of stem cell treatment in the nearest future.

Reviews about the treatment of diabetes stem cells


Letter of patient T.

I want to say my words of gratitude to UTC Clinic and its staff. The stem cell treatment for diabetes is a fantastic solution for those who have diabetes. I’m pretty satisfied with my results. Thank you so much!



Letter of patient M

It goes without saying that diabetes is a dreadful disease that may take human lives. It’s not always easy to make injections of insulin. Thereupon stem cell therapy, I don’t need to take insulin in such large doses as I used to. I’m much indebted to the team of doctors that work at UTC Clinic and provide such important treatment.


Letter of patient O.

I suffer from diabetes. It is a hereditary disease in my case and I have always known what awaits me. Of course, I’m afraid. But with the help of this outstanding treatment based on stem cells I have more certainty for my future. Amazing effect! I’m really happy.


Letter of patient I.

At first, I didn’t trust this type of treatment. But after I had made my own research about stem cell treatment for diabetes, I resolved to undergo a course of treatment. I received unexpected and pleasant results! My disease started to cease and my immune system came to normalization very soon. Finally, I have found the way of struggling against diabetes.


Letter of patient H.

I’m completely satisfied with stem cell therapy and positive changes it has brought. Of course, the results haven’t come in a blink of an eye, but such difficult illness like diabetes cannot be conquered at once. This method is worth undergoing.


News and Researchments

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