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Saving of a Leg of Diabetes Patient with Stem Cells

Saving of a Leg of Diabetes Patient with Stem Cells.jpgAn amazing and somehow miracle case has occurred recently, where the main role has been played by universal stem cells. Tom Fisher, who is 84 years old patient at Roper Hospital in South Carolina, has already lost his right leg, because of the difficulties of his ailment. He suffers from diabetes. His left leg was under menace this time. Nevertheless, resourcefulness of healing cells helped to prevent the amputation of the leg. Into the bargain, all ulcers were healed and infections with gangrene were removed. Now, his leg is 94% healthy.

Dr. Hallet states that seven other examinees with diabetes still have their limbs as well, and this all is thanks to these incredible cells. In about 70-80% of similar cases, the curing is very successful.

The similar conductions take place in India and Europe. The results are outstanding. The percentage of the rescued from amputation examinees in Europe reaches 70% and in India even more – 87.5%. Without such effectual method, the percentage of unsuccessful curing would have reached nearly 80% of all occasions. This methodology is a real wonder and it ought to be developed ever after, and so think the main specialists of this research.