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Diabetes and stem cells

The National Institutes of Health have made the researches concerning diabetes. They have gained stem cells from the human endometrium to work out insulin and tested them on mice. The endometrium or uterine lining are adult cells, which are capable to differentiate from other kinds of cells. The scholars hope that in future they could be successfully put to the usage in this ailment of in people. The scholars point out that this method will be possibly effectual for examinees with Type 1 diabetes, when no inulin is formed.

diabetes and stem cellsDuring the work, the scholars bathed these cells in specific cultures, which adopted the functions of beta cells that are responsible for the work out of insulin.

The outcome gave nice perspectives and new hope in this matter. These cells were injected into the mice kidney. The further tests proved that mice began to behave more actively and had no cataracts (what is typical for this ailment). The uncured mice were not active and had cataracts. The only minus was the level of sugar in blood that remained high. Nevertheless, the scholars have a hope that new tests would give better results that would be able to cure this severe and vital ailment.