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Curing of Diabetes by Stem Cells

Curing of Diabetes by Stem CellThe scholars have tried novel way of treatment diabetes with stem cells. They took skin cells from examinees with the 1st type of this sickness and received nice outcomes. In occasion blood sugar levels begin to vary, these cells generate insulin. The negative side of the experiment is an insufficient amount for the examinee’s organism.

Nevertheless, all scholars are pretty satisfied with the outcomes. It is only the beginning and very promising one. By the assistance of stem cells there exist more chances to understand how this sickness advances and what occurs with our immunity.

It is well-known that stem cells may specialize into various tissues and systems. The major point of the tests is to return them in the phase of their birth when they were not specialized and implement them with a purpose of curing this sickness. Novel tests are prepared to take place and stem cell treatment possesses all chances to positively impress the world of medicine.