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The new research can give answers to that

Stem Cells Can Cure AutismDue to a number of ethical and medical reasons, FDA has stopped human cell tests for many years. Nevertheless, some illnesses like autism cannot be cured in animals, inasmuch as they do not have them. Because of this reason, FDA has finally decided to approve the research, targeted to find curing for autism with stem cell therapy.

Stem cells should be taken from the child’s own umbilical cord blood, which is held as an ideal source of very active cells.

30 children with this ailment, aged from 2 to 7 years, are now receiving these stem cells, kept after birth by their parents.

The physicians of Sutter Neuroscience Institute, Sacramento, CA, assure that the placebo-controlled research will tell us, if such curing would be capable to cure autism and improve children's behavior, speech function, interaction with others and movement abilities.

Dr. Michael Chez, the director of pediatric neurology at this institution has confirmed that such curing methodology can enhance the condition of examinees with other neurological ailments.

Expert opinion

The experts have big hopes this ailment can be cured with stem cells. It would be a great step for this matter, because today autism is held as a cureless disease.

Those who suffer from the sickness because of brain damage or genetic ailment will not be involved and all the examinees will surely receive the real cells. At the start, children were divided into 2 different groups. The first group was receiving stem cells, the second the placebos. Within 7 months, these groups will change the methodology, and so the second one will be having stem cells, and the first one the placebos. There had been carried out lots of alike researchments round the globe, but this very one is the first involving the kid’s own cord blood stem cells.

The proficient nurses of the Sutter Children’s Hospital make the infusions. Every family will have their own room, with a TV-set and toys, nutrition and drinks. Children will receive a real joy by the implemented “dog therapy”, as the hospital dog will visit them. This relaxes kids.

It is allowed for the parents to be present while the entire procedure, which lasts for 1.5 hours, to comfort and relax children. After the process is over, they take children home and obligatory control check 1 day after. At 6, 12 and 24 weeks, the physicians will conduct some measurements, such as blood markers and social adaptation to determine the results of the curing. The logs of parents are also considerable and are carefully kept and analyzed.

In the end, all gathered information will be deeply analyzed and the report of it will be published. Undoubtedly, this report is very essential for the last years. The success of such experiment may give an outstanding opportunity in curing of other neurological ailments.

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