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Efficacy of stem cell treatment for autism

stem cell treatment autismEstablished cure for autism does not exist. Therefore people look for alternative practices to achieve some results including stem cell treatment for autism. The accents in different treatment options differ. There are specialists who put emphasis on behavioral and social skills development, while others try to cope with autism symptoms.

If you faced the problem you should study all possible options to determine the best approach for you. The patient should be always under medical supervision to control the condition and make corrections in the course of the chosen treatment.

In order to find the best therapy, you should learn first what therapies exist at present. They include:

  • Applied behavioral analysis
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social skills therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Behavior therapy
  • Developmental therapies
  • Biomedical therapies
  • Visually based therapies

But no treatment is as good as stem cell therapy for autism.

Why stem cell therapy is needed?

Stem cell treatment for autism is used to diminish the deficits and abnormalities connected with autism.

The aim of stem cell therapy is to enhance the quality of life and make autism patients adjusted to surrounding. They should learn to be more independent. The treatment is usually tailored individually. The doctor determines the treatment course in addition to stem cell treatment for autism. The needs of the patient become the priority to revolve around. Stem cell therapy can be performed jointly with other methods. Educational interventions techniques are employed alongside with medical management. Psychosocial interventions works positively on patients too.

It is also worth using stem cell treatment for autism spectrum disorders – ASD.

The efficacy of stem cell therapy for autism

It was proved already that stem cell treatment for autism is able to reduce swelling levels and determine if autism is really an autoimmune disorder.

What was done for that:

  • A clinical trial held by American Neuroscience Institute in California started in the beginning of 2013 to find out whether autism is referred to autoimmune diseases. Participants were gathered to take part in experimental stem cell treatment for autism. 30 autistic children took part in it aged from 2 to 7.
  • The similar trial took place in China, in which 37 children participated in it. The kids were from 3 to 12 years old.

You can study the results of the official trials, which showed positive results if you doubt of stem cell therapy. But these are just several officially registered trials. Alongside with them there are many undocumented cases when stem cell treatment for autism is practiced in different parts of the globe. There are clients, who are ready to pay much for the result and they are ready to experiment.

Stem cell therapy, developed on own methods and trials, is conducted in UCTC in Kiev. Alongside with diabetes, parkinson’s and anti-aging treatment, such clients also apply for medical assistance. Here they can get high quality stem cell treatment for autism.