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Stem Cells’ Peculiarities

All innumerable amounts of cells growing in our organism originate from one – zygote, formed by the merger of male and female gametes. This single cell contains information about the body, its consistent evolution scheme. During embryogenesis, the fertilized egg parts and lets rising to cells with an aim to transfer genetical materials to the next generation. These embryos whose genome is "zero point", wield the mechanisms underlying specialization to potential enhancement in any cell.

Stem cells posses quite a few extraordinary priorities. They are capable to create fully identical cells. In vivo resulting, in two daughter cells, one of which is a stem, and the second circuit, undergo transformations and eventually they turn into erythrocytes. If it was otherwise, the body would have quickly expended the enhancement of stem cells and any renewal would become impossible.

They all behave differently. In some nutrient media they multiply almost infinitely without undergoing any change. Nevertheless, special chemical stimulants can cause cultured stem cells regenerate neurones, the cells of the pancreas and liver, bone and muscle tissue. Nonetheless, these ain’t all their possibilities.

The adult ones possess ductility. It is proved that bone marrow’s cells can give rise to hepatocytes (liver cells), neurones and glia (components of the nervous system), muscles, bones, fat and so on and so forth.

They provide restoration of harmed spaces. Stem cells received from the regulatory system signals a "fault" on the bloodstream rush to the affected organ. They can restore almost any aggravation, becoming necessary for the place in the body (bone, smooth muscle, liver, cardiac muscle or nerve) and stimulating the internal reserves of the organism to regeneration (restoration) of the organ or tissue.

Stem cell therapy for cancer has huge capability to overcome the ailment. There are varied kinds of stem cell treatments against cancer. Fetal stem cell therapy is one of the most efficient.

Prof. Smikodub invented a Unique Stem Cell Therapy for Cancer

A bit of history: How the founder of Unique Cell Treatment Clinic, Professor Alexander Smikodub, developed an effective treatment of oncopathology using fetal stem cells.

In 1986, an accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the USSR, which resulted in radiation poisoning within a radius of 30 km on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus. The accident was successfully eliminated, but after a few years a surge of oncological diseases appeared in Ukraine. The fight against cancer in Ukraine was organized at the state level. Scientists and doctors have collectively developed the most innovative drugs and treatments for cancer. One of the pioneers in the fight against cancer was the founder of UCTClinic, Professor Alexander Smikodub. Stem cell cancer therapies developed by him are the most effective and are successfully used in Ukraine and other countries.

Nowadays, UCTC has a huge positive experience in treating all forms of cancer pathology at all stages of the disease. Our stem cell treatment is the most effective in combination with concomitant traditional antitumor methods. The use of stem cells allows oncologists to conduct radiation therapy and chemotherapy in relatively high doses to achieve maximum elimination of tumor cells, and also allows the patient to quickly restore own immunity.

One of the main goals of our treatment is to create a strong immune system of the patient, capable in the future to fight with the underlying disease and negative external and internal risk factors. 

Treatment with preparations on the basis of fetal stem cells is also effective when surgical removal of a tumor cannot be initiated due to complications such as anemia, fatigue, exhaustion, thrombocytopenia, and depression. We have developed therapies that are successfully applied before the implementation of radical antitumor procedures.

After surgical removal of the tumor, benefits of fetal stem cell therapy include: acceleration of the healing process of the postoperative wounds, minimizing of consequences and complications of anesthesia, significant reduction of the period of postoperative rehabilitation.


In conclusion, it is significant to mention that even today, scientists are able to direct stem cells "to the correct path", making it possible intraveneous and subcuteneous stem cell administration for any diseases caused by cell mas reduction. Advances in this area of regenerative medicine makes therapeutic use of stem cells quite possible as almost unlimited. Obviously, stem cell therapy for cancer has bright and prosperous future.

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