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Can ulcerative colitis be cured?

Can ulcerative colitis be cured? Yes, of courseThis is perhaps one of the primer questions that bother those, who face the problem of ulcerative colitis. Though the condition is not simple and requires much attention and special treatment courses, it still can be cured, if your physician chooses the correct treatment method.

What’s the goal of medical treatment? To begin with, it aims at the reduction of inflammation that leads to the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms. Besides, it promises a long-term remission period. Today there are several categories of drugs that can control inflammation in various ways. However, drugs may fail and it normally takes much time to find the medication that works best.

Groups of drugs to manage ulcerative colitis

The condition can be cured with various drugs. To the main groups belong:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.
    1. Corticosteroids are helpful in inflammation reduction, but may trigger excessive facial hair, weight gain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, bone fracture and glaucoma. These are the reasons why physicians use Corticosteroids only in severe cases, when the disease doesn’t respond to any other treatment options.
    2. Sulfasalazine works reducing ulcerative colitis symptoms. However, its primer drawback is a number of side effects it may lead to, including vomiting, nausea, heartburn, headache and diarrhea.
  • Anti-diarrheals. They are used for severe cases of diarrhea. Though they are pretty helpful, they may cause the increase the risk of toxic megacolon.
  • Antibiotics are for patients with ulcerative colitis, who run fevers. The intake of antibiotics prevents/controls infections.
  • Iron supplements are for those, who suffer from intestinal bleeding and develop anemia. Taking such supplements contributes to the restoration of iron levels, as well as to the anemia reduction.
  • Pain relievers don’t let the symptoms get worse. To the best pain relievers belongs Tylenol. 

Cases of surgical Intervention

Drug therapy is not always as effective as we want it to be. Some treatments don’t relieve the symptoms and physicians recommend surgeries. The surgery is the removal of the rectum and colon. A surgeon makes a pouch from the intestine’s end. This pouch is attached to the anus directly, which allows expelling waste in a normal way.

Cell treatment as the treatment option

Along with the developments in the medical field, there appeared many alternative options for ulcerative colitis treatment, and stem cell treatment is now the primer one.

At Unique Cell Treatment Clinic we developed schemes of suspensions that contain fetal stem cells in treating ulcer colitis patients. This revolutionary new method cures bowel disorders of any severity level. Can ulcerative colitis be cured? With stem cell therapy – YES!