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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

The Definition of the Disease

Autism (lat. Autos – “himself” autism - a dive) is a symptomatic manifestation of brain dysfunction.

Infantile autism makes the child keenly respond to some phenomena of the external world and hardly notice the other. Autism manifests self-absorbed, breach of contact with others, emotional coldness. Most affected by the boys, and the symptoms are manifested at the age of 2.5 years.

These children are mentally unprotected, very vulnerable, and almost every contact with the outside world has on them too strong emotional impact, which borders with the stress. As a result - children from the first days of their life try to protect themselves from the strong impressions, close and practically do not contact even with their parents.

Autism symptoms

Stem cell treatment for autism

Modern medicine, along with medical and surgical treatments, has acquired a powerful tool - stem cell therapy, with the help of which opportunities and efficacy of the treatment of many diseases have expanded significantly. Choosing the best ways to treat the illness, stem cell therapy for autism is one of them. Stem cell treatment for autism and anti-aging works effectively and is what you need.

Currently in medicine increases the importance of stem cell autism treatment transplant. Stem cells are precursors of all cells and are capable of forming cells of other types - hematopoietic, nervous and cardiovascular system, endocrine organs, bone, cartilage and muscle tissue.

Stem cell therapy is widely used for a huge number of diseases. And autism stem cell treatment results as one of the most effective.

Efficacy of stem cell treatment for autism

The Procedure of the Treatment

The stem cells are transplanted intravenously or subcutaneously. The selection of the mode of transplantation depends on several factors such as age of the patient, the severity of the disease. The procedure is usually carried out within 2 days.

New therapy for autistic children

The Results of Stem Cell Therapy

Most patients receive positive results after treatment with fetal stem cells. Among these are:

  • the aggression to oneself and other people reduces;
  • patients begin to feel more calm and behave well;
  • reaction to irritations sinks, as well as anxiety;
  • patients begin to develop different skills, and start learning quicker;
  • the contact with the surrounding appears easier and faster;
  • increase abilities of speech skills;
  • their interests begin to widen;
  • compulsive actions and non-functional rituals reduce,
  • the patients adopt to the surrounding sooner and better, life activity increase as well;


autism treatment


Prices and Contacts

Stem cell and autism treatments are available on our service. After receiving medical information on your condition, we will be able to inform you the price for our treatment. The price is set individually for each patient and depends on complexity of the treatment, state of the patient, type and number of fetal stem cells to be administered; necessary analyzes to be made in our clinic before the treatment, etc.

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After the course of cell therapy based on fetal cell suspensions in patients with autism and autism spectrum disorders the following improvements are expected:


Improvement of behavior and responses to other people and environment.


Autism Improvement of attention and ability to learn
Autism Reduction of aggression and self-injury Autism Improving of social skills, including self-service


Stem cells for autism treatment are what you need. Save your precious time and help your child to overcome these problems.

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Letter of mother of patient I.

Unique Autism Treatment I want to share my positive impressions about this therapy. It really works. Only after 10 days we have noticed positive changes in my child’s behavior. He began to contact with us more often and eagerly. His skills and abilities improve each day. It is perfect!







Letter of mother of patient A.

autism treatment in UCTC Undoubtedly stem cell therapy is effective. Notable changes in his activity had shown up within two months. He began to react quicker, his behavior was more calm, the circle of his interests began to increase. I’m happy with that.




Letter of father of patient J.

autism treatment My son is now feeling much better than before starting the treatment. His skills are constantly developing. He became more patient and less nervous. I’m completely satisfied.



Letter of mother of patient B.

Within some two months I have noticed very positive changes in the behavior of my daughter. She became more active and joyful. Her circle of interests had widened and she contacts me and my husband more eagerly than she used to.


Letter of mother of Patient L. in six months after the treatment.

"During the first two months after treatment, no improvements were observed (or minimal improvements).

Now almost every day occur some changes in boy's development and behavior, he finds more things interesting, he became more independent, more emotional, he talks a lot in his own language. Expresses the desire - when he wants something, he takes his mother's hand and with finger points to the thing (e.g., if he wants to walk, he points to shoes, etc.)

Changes in emotions - he expresses disappointment when his mother leaves him in a kindergarten, takes her hand (previously remained indifferent); he expresses more emotions to his parents. Began to sing - without specific words, but it is clear that he is singing (as sing children, who cannot pronounce the words).

Twice he cried like a normal baby, earlier he only grizzled and mooed. Started watching cartoons (previously he perceived only music from cartoons) – he can long-term and focused look at the screen, tries to finish the sentence. Previously he did not come up the steps - now he can go upstairs holding on to the rail (downstairs - fears). Sleep without waking up the whole night (before got up at 5 am). When he is not satisfied - continues to beat himself.

From September 2012, the boy is going to a special school (for children from 3 to 19 years) – parents have high hopes for this school.

Would like to know what determines when to take the next course of cell therapy? Can the boy undergo the treatment every six months, if such improvements continue?"


Letter of mother of patient I. 16.04.2012

effective autism treatments for your child Good afternoon, Dr. Alexander Smikodub.

I want to share the joyof Ilya’s success, and ask some advice.

Once again, many thanks from me and my husband! We can not express in words our gratitude to you!

After the cell treatment, we noticed an obvious progress. Two weeks after the procedure behavior and emotional condition has improved. It was noticed in kindergarten and by speech pathologist, who has been with him for a year. Then everything has stabilized. But 2 months later, in March, Ilya began to surprise us. He suddenly began to draw and sculpt with play dough, and he always goes everywhere with a pencil or pen. At first pictures were incomprehensible, he sculpted from play dough people and they were beautiful. Then, began to appear meaning and form in his pictures. Our son draws the trains and trolley buses on all the walls in the apartment (we permit). And look how he decorated my phone with play dough (photo attached)! Ilya draws in the books, he adds ears to people, and people to cars. He also has began to write letters. While not all, only A, S, M and O.

Especially noticeable changes in behavior and interests during classes with speech pathologist. Studies easily, assiduously and with interest. Kindergarten teachers praise Ilya. He writes, sculpts and draws a lot. Ilya draws each day more beautiful and more legible. Obvious changes in the fingers and hands have occurred over the last 3-4 weeks!

He himself says that the picture shows the subway, and there is a girl in it. Ilya draws people in a strange way, he was not taught to draw them right, it is his personal observations.

Fine and gross motor skills, cognitive interest and acumen have improved. He even learned how to play computer games, he is keeping pace with pressing the keys, looking at the screen, not the keyboard. But it is pretty easy to distract from the game and begin to sculpt or paint.

 autism treatmentsThe speech become better, he answers the questions, asks the questions, asks to take him to the waterpark or go to the railway station to see the trains. Far only I understand him, but he is already planning how to spend the weekend!

Constantly mutters, talks. Makes sentences about the pictures. We even ventured to send our son to a normal school. In Russian class with additional hours of individual training after school. His behavior is quite, adequate and social. So far, only his speech lags far behind his peers. Otherwise, on the lessons he will sit still, will not disturb other pupils, some of material will learn and remember. If it will be necessary, we will leave him for 2nd year of education.

We always notice changes in our son’s condition after each course of rehabilitation, but this time, it’s just miracles! I want to ask, when we can or need to undergo a second course of fetal stem cell therapy? We'd like to continue to catch up his peers by seven-league steps.

Once again, thank you so much!


Letter of mother of patient I. 21.04.2013

autism treatmentGood day, Dr. Alexander Smikodub.

So I want to share with you my emotions. I bought colored play dough, and in a 5 minutes, he made a bus fleet. I was just in shock. His fine motor skills, and manifestations of fantasy please me to tears.

Even 3 days ago this could not be done. And the main thing is that everything is understandable - yellow and white buses, at the rear - red lanterns, and black wheels! He invented that himself. In kindergarten, they are taught kids to sculpt apples, carrots, but Ilya already knows how to sculpt buses and people. Not everyone of Ilya peer can sculpt, but with his problems – it is a rarity. And the day before yesterday our speech therapist praised Ilya, he has written letters to teacher’s dictation. She said, "If things go on like now, soon he will write the words".

Thanks again to you and your team for the health care of our son!


Letter of mother of patient S.

effective autism treatments for your child This therapy is a real salvation and great help for my child. Now he has less stress and is calmer. His speech and motor skills are constantly developing and he seems to feel very happy. I’m happy with that.





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