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Autism and stem cells

lan Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc, has shared his impressions and outcomes of a novel curing with the method of stem cells.

Stem Cell Treatment For AutismCurrently there have been made tests that showed the usefulness of this method. The cells have a possibility to engineer neurones or a human cellular model. This way is quite safe and has a bright future.

The scholars received cells from examinees who have Rett syndrome, which has similarities to autism. In this occasion, it would easier to understand how to overcome the ailment.

The priority of this method lies in the safety of the process of studying the best ways of using different ways for curing the ailments, finding all potential benefits. All tests were made on animals.

The outcomes were successful. The symptomology of the ailments in mice was decreased and novel neurones had no abnormalities and suited the needs of the organism.

These tests and their outcome are very vital. They proved to be helpful for people too. The scholars are going to do more tests, trying to find secure and effectual methods of curing this severe ailment. Quite probable that this novel and safe method can cure other serious illnesses.