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Autism and Method for Its Curing - UCTC Clinic

Treatment of autism with stem cellsAutism is a very severe and complex illness, which is manifested by different brain dysfunctions. This illness concerns problems in functioning of human cerebrum. Such problems can be noticed in early childhood, approximately at the age of 2-3 years and commonly, boys are more affected than girls. Such children are self-absorbed, mostly concentrated on some inner happenings of their own. They hardly notice the alterations around them. They are emotionally cold and almost never respond to the contacts with other people.

Such examinees have very delicate mentality, are constantly anxious, full of stress and all influences of the outer world make a very deep and strong impact upon them, which usually has a negative character. Such kids are continuously searching for protection and do not pay attention to other matters. Even their parents are strangers to them.

This ailment is very serious, for it does not let the little ones to live life in full. Plenty of methods did not meet success at all and some were not effectual enough. Nevertheless, there is a very perspective method that can possibly overcome this ailment. Nowadays, there is much talk about stem cell treatment for autism, which is held as a panacea for its fine results.

Great Help

Progressive scholars have implemented a very resourceful method for curing this severe ailment, which greatly helps in different issues of this problem. Stem cell therapy for autism possesses incredible results and it has given a powerful push forward the final resolution of this difficulty. Though all reasons of the occurrence of this ailment are not fully understood, it has given many hints on how to cure it.

Stem cells are the ancestors of all cells that were born in our body and there exists a possibility to create out of them novice cells of different type. Depending on the actual illness, they would be turned into precise donators for future recovery. This methodology is used for various illnesses and one of them is autism. It has already shown beneficial enhancements of general conditions of examines with different state of complicity.

Treatment and Results

This therapy for autism is of great importance for medicine and needs further development. However, current achievements can already hugely impress. Cells are transplanted intravenously or subcutaneously. Everything relies on the age of the examinees and the severity of the ailment. The whole process takes usually 2 days only.

The outcomes of this curing are very impressive and positively reflect on the health state of the examinees.

  • The aggression to the outer world and to themselves decreases.
  • The examinees calm down and act orderly.
  • Stressful and anger situation reduce.
  • The process of learning and advancing skills sufficiently quickens.
  • The contact with other identities improves.
  • Speech capabilities enhance as well.
  • The horizon of interest widens.
  • The adoption to new changes runs faster.
  • The general activity greatly maintains.

Such results give tremendous hopes for future success of this methodology.