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Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

Human Aging is a Natural Process

Human aging as well as the aging of other organisms is a biological process of gradual degradation of parts and systems of the body and consequences of this process. Whereas the physiology of aging is analogous for aging of other mammalian physiology, certain aspects of the process, e.g., loss of mental abilities, are of greater importance to humans. In addition, great importance is attached to the psychological, social and economic consequences.

Of course, it is an inevitable process as it is our nature, yet modern medicine can suggest a method that will remove this process for many years. The name of this method is anti-aging stem cell therapy to treat and remove for some years the human aging. Different medical centers of America and Europe work with stem cells very active and effective.

Stem Cell Therapy

As shown by researches, the aging process begins with 30 years. Intense rhythm of modern life and stress require a lot of energy and thereby aggravate the aging process. For those who want to keep abreast of the times and at the same time look and feel young, it is possible to do by the natural way without the use of cosmetology. Choosing the best method you should decide for anti-aging stem cell therapy. There are many success stories about this therapy, which had shown good results.

The discovery of stem cells has changed the very concept of aging. Stem cell therapy stimulates cell regeneration and restores the supply of nutrients to the cells, improves metabolism, reduces susceptibility to stress. This kind of treatment is aimed at the inhibition of aging and restores the entire body to the former, biologically young and active functional level. Further introduced into the body stem cells are of a double effect: firstly, the newly arrived cells begin to work intensively themselves regenerating and revitalizing aging organs and tissues, and secondly, they launch a mechanism to facilitate recovery and revitalization of existing stem cells in the body.

The Procedure for Recovery with the help of Stem Cells

Recovery of the organism with stem cells is a complex multi-step process. All patients undergo a thorough examination in front of anti-aging stem cell therapy. It includes the most comprehensive range of research, which allows not only to diagnose abnormalities and diseases, but also to predict the development of serious diseases in the future.

Cells are stored in special conditions and when used they are strictly matched to the type and amount which is necessary for the patient. On average, it takes one - two months to start to see the first results stem cell therapy transplant for anti aging. The number of cells and their type are chosen individually depending on the condition of the body and desires of the patient. Fetal stem cells are the best suited for improvements of the patient’s general condition. They are able to give lasting effect and do not cause any side effects in the patient. Once they are absolutely safe as created by nature, not in-vitro. Results of anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

Further researching work made it possible to gain great results in protecting human body from aging. Our main achievements are:

  • Balanced hormones;
  • Normalization of blood circulation;
  • Regeneration of damaged or dead cells;
  • Better functioning of the whole organism;
  • Renewal of the skin;
  • Prevention of possible diseases;


Prices and Contacts

All the costs in our clinic are reliant on the following: patients’ health condition, presence of diseases and their complications, quantity and type of the required stem cells. As soon as you fill out our anti-aging form, we will let you know exact price for stem cell treatment in your case.

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After conducting the procedure of organism revitalization with preparations based on fetal cell suspensions patients have the following effects:


All the internal organs "refresh": metabolism, functional activity of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system and reproductive organs are restored and improved, this leads to vitality increase, efficiency improvement, increasing of libido etc.


anti-aging Restoring of immunity, hormones and metabolism in the body, this is of great importance in the prevention of various diseases of vessels and internal organs, as well as pathological conditions of oncological and infectious nature.
anti-aging The development of additional collateral vascular microcirculatory bloodstream is also noticed, it ensures trophisms and the delivery of oxygen, nutrients to all tissues (especially skin) and organs, which give significant external rejuvenation: skin tone restoring, wrinkles smoothing, pigmentation elimination, strengthening of hair structure and nails. anti-aging Fetal stem cells restore a number of essential body functions, adjust metabolism, balance the hormonal background of a person, improve trophism (nutrition and blood supply) of tissues and organs that will undoubtedly lead to improvement in working activity, disease prevention and life quality increasing.


Stem cell therapy for anti-aging is a fundamentally new way for the reconstruction of your body.


stem cell therapy for anti aging in uctc

Letter of patient R.

I know that I’m not young anymore, still I’m not too old. But I was in bad health condition, as if I was more than sixty. Due to this unique therapy with cells my overall health state normalized, now I feel fine and young again. Great effectiveness!

Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

Letter of patient S.

I’m not very old, but had constant blood circulation problems and my doctor told me, that I need some kind of recreation for my body. So I turned for this therapy, and I must say, it helped a lot within more few months after the therapy my blood circulation started to improve.

Letter of patient B.

I want to say many thanks to the team of UTC Clinic for they have made some kind of miracle. For a very long time I felt weakness in my body. But their help returned the functioning of my organism to normal, now I feel young and active and I’m very happy with that. Thank you!

Letter of patient L.

I’m at such age when hormones begin play tricks with my organism. I have tried plenty of different recipes how to normalize them, but nothing worked. Then I tried stem cell therapy and after two months or so, my hormones became stabile as the entire health state.

Letter of patient G.

Nobody wants to get old and I’m not an exception. There are many advertisements how to remove the aging of skin, but none could be actually true. And only stem cell transplantation made my dreams come true. Now I look like a young woman and feel much younger inside. This therapy is absolutely wonderful!

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