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Anti-Aging and stem cells

stem-cell-anti-agingThe scholars at Thomas Jefferson University state that a gene that has a leading role in the process of aging has a vital role in the adjustment of the derivation of stem cells.The scholars found out that a protein reciprocity that controls the restraining of Oct4 is the major factor that allows stem cells be pluripotent. This protein is WRNp and it regulates aging. The scholars have indentified that the exhaustion of this protein induces the blocking of Oct4, consequently cells do not diverge anymore and then the body begins to age before time.

This outcome indicates novel functions of WRNp and proves that it has a vital impact on the multiplication of cells. In occasion of insufficient number of novel cells many organs and tissues lose their abilities to functionate in the right way, particularly in the late stages of life. This leads to crucial and dangerous events. The scholars are going to conduct other trials to find out how they can enhance the amount of cells. In occasion of success, aging can be removed for many years.