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Unique Cell Treatment Clinic “For Life”

Dr. Alexander Smikodub Jr M.D



    About Alexander Smikodub Jr. M.D. & UCTC






Is a medical center the history of which goes back to 1994. For over 15 years the founder of our clinic Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. was the head of the clinic developing and introducing unique methods of stem cell treatment. Now his son Alexander Smikodub Jr. continues this unique treatment commenced by his father. During the years of work our clinic has performed about 6 500 transplantations of fetal stem cells. Our treatment has helped prolong life, improve its quality and in many cases completely cure thousands of patients from all over the world (the USA, Italy, Germany, China, the Russian Federation, Poland, etc.), who had lost any hope for recovery.

Treatments with stem cells in UCTC

     UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC professionals provide fetal stem cell treatment (in vivo), develop comprehensive treatment for severe acquired and hereditary diseases caused by or resulting in cell count reduction. Moreover, a wide range of conditions such as aging, infertility, menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome and functional disorders of internal organs are treated at our clinic.

     The uctc has a license for all the stem cell treatment methods developed by Alexander Smikodub Sr., Alexander Smikodub Jr. and its other specialists.  All the methods are protected by the patents of Ukraine, Russia, the USA and other countries.  At the present time, a number of patents on fetal stem cell application for treatment of various diseases and conditions are considering in the patent offices of many countries.

     In the BBC documentary our clinic was called the “Last Hope Clinic” because we treat and follow-up the most severe clinical cases from all over the world.

     During many years of work UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC (UCTC) has won international recognition in the branch of research and treatment of patients by unique methods with application of fetal stem cells (in vivo). Our achievements were awarded a number of certificates of international medical conferences and congresses.  But the most valuable award for UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC is successful treatment and recovery of our patients, their words of gratitude.