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AIDS/HIV stem cell treatment - UCTC Clinic

UCTC gives great attention to AIDS curing. Since 1992 the stuff of the clinic has started the fight against this severe illness and continues this battle till now with the help of stem cells.

AIDSHIV stem cell treatment This illness is well-known to everybody. It is the most serious problem of the present medicine and society. The illness is incurable. It infests the organism, slowly killing it by suppressing its main functions. The immunity gets repressed and loses the ability to stop the enhancement of different infections. The major manners of dissemination the ailment are sex, blood transfusion mother-child (while bearing the child/breastfeeding). There is one quite significant and horrible point concerning the ailment – it does not manifest at once and there can pass after it is noticed, consequently the spreading of this ailment is dangerously huge. It is commonly determined after the enhancement of serious infections or tumors. Surely, the problem is vital and serious.

Grievously to state it, but examinees do not live for too long, particularly in cases of late stages of the ailment. There are antiretroviral preparations to suspend it, which only preclude the further dissemination of the ailment and commonly have unwanted effects. Consequently, novel and better methods should be put to usage in this occasion.

UCTC clinic

UCTC has successfully implemented a novel therapy, using stem cells. This universal cell treatment is targeted to raise the immunity of the organism, to sustain its ability to withstand ailments, stopping the occurrence of them. The versatility of this approach lies in the possibility to start curing at any stage of ailment’s progressing. Thanks to such methodology immunity gets restored and enhanced, hugely slowing the progress of the ailment. Our methodology is quite efficacious and prevents secondary complications induced while curing with other preparations. The combination of our method and antiretroviral preparations produces tremendously positive results. It prolongs examinee’s life, betters his/her quality of life and strengthens tolerance. Current therapies effectually suspend the enhancement of this ailment, nevertheless, serious depression of the immunity essentially worsens examinee’s health. But our approach decreases this period from one to two years. Our methodology is very efficacious and is already available.