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Aging and stem cell treatment

Cell therapy against agingDiverse rejuvenation therapies were not so successful as stem cell therapy. Aging population received the chance to life a full life and be beautiful at that. It makes life more joyful and gives taste to it. Now it is not a taboo any longer to speak aloud about the problems of aging. The positive trend was supported by the fact of financial support – funds were provided by National Institute of Health to research the problem.

Do you know, by the way, that people are programmed to live 120 years? How many people do you know who are over 100? Such people are rare and these facts are perceived as wonder but this is not the way it should be. We can prolong our life and free it from medications! Stem cell therapy can assist your perfectly as you try to achieve this aim. Only three basic factors can disrupt your life. They include:

  • Severe disease
  • Serious trauma
  • Certain aging disease.

Two points are clear to all. Trauma can take life immediately even from the healthiest of us. But what is aging disease? You have probably noticed that people get older with different speed. There can be some weak organ in the body that ages faster than other ones. Sometimes the person may have 2 or 3 such organs that make the person old. Our stem cell threrapy can improve your health!

Kinds of aging diseases

Aging diseases can be of 2 kinds. Sometimes aging mechanism are launched randomly, while in the other cases they are planned.

  • random
  • planned

It is possible to explain the difference between these two types on the example of the car. Buying the car, you care well about it, but still with time the process of wear will tell on its condition. It will have scratches, there will probably be some accidents that will make it work worse. There is a particular degree of aging. Similar to this, we also suffer from stresses that make us older.

You should know that regeneration cells are not as good as the original ones. Gradual destruction of our body is inevitable and it is seen in details. For instance, with time we have disorganized structure of tissues, fat is deposited in higher amounts, the tissue can be lost or simply hidden, the cells grow in size, but at the same time there are fewer cells. 30% of cells as if disappear! To finish the list, it is worth adding that connective tissue loses its elasticity. But stem cell treatment literally saves us! With stem cell therapy we have better quality of life and can cure even ulcerative colitis.