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An anti-aging treatment from UCTC clinic can restore your vitality, overall health and positive perspective on life and living it to the max. Did you know that the biggest reason we age is that by the time we reach 50 years old we have 1/10th the amount of healing stem cells in our bodies as what we had...
Autism is a widespread disorder that is not well-studied yet. In this connection it is poorly treatable disease of the central nervous system. With its progression it takes the form of child’s mental development disturbance. Stem cell therapy is one of the approaches nowadays that can produce favorable effect on patients and improve symptoms of this complicated disorder.
For some reason Diabetes is increasing dramatically in America. Is it the diet? Is it the vaccinations our children receive? Why are record numbers of children becoming afflicted with Diabetes?
Ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease are disorders of modern society. Their frequency in developed countries has been increasing since the mid-20th century...

Anti-aging treatment in Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Anti-aging treatment Alexander Smikodub Sr. UCTC practices anti-aging treatment with application of fetal stem cells. Patents. Disclaimer. The therapy can be applied to any person who wants to acquire youthful appearance and prevent diseases that start bothering any person with age.  The goal can be achieved by any person as it brings effect no matter how old the patient is. 

Aging and stem cell treatment      

There are things that can’t be prevented.  When person faces health problems, it tells on his appearance.  Under such circumstances aging is inevitable.  Hard work, stress and environmental pollution undermine peoples’ health day after day and aging process goes on fast.  The resources of the body are not limitless and problem of restoration becomes topical.

It is good to keep healthy lifestyle and have rest in time to remain young, but this is not enough.  Decline of regeneration capacity should be managed somehow, but methods provided by traditional medicine do not let us achieve the desirable results.  Therefore it is worth applying for
cellular therapies conducted in a clinical environment.

There are a lot of anti-aging programs nowadays, but most of them do not produce considerable changes and even when they do, the effects are not preserved long.  UCTC applies comprehensive approach in anti-aging treatment and autism treatment when restoration of the body is performed on a profound level.

The fountain of youth is found?

result of anti-aging treatmentMore than 19 years the founder of our clinic Alexander Smikodub Sr. developed and implemented unique methods of fetal stem cell treatment. Today his son Alexander Smikodub Jr. is in charge of the center. During the time of work, our clinic has performed about 6 500 transplantations of cell suspensions containing fetal stem cells. Our treatment has helped prolong life, improve its quality and in many cases completely cure thousands of patients from all over the world (the USA, Italy, Germany, China, the Russian Federation, Poland, etc.) including those who had lost any hope for recovery. 

There are almost none contraindications for stem cell therapy. However, there may be conditions, when transplantation of fetal stem cells should be delayed. 

When should one start an anti-aging treatment procedure?  We advise our patients not to wait until the effects of aging are evident.  The sooner you will start renovation of your organism, the better results you are going to get.

There are so many health issues in contemporary society and troubles entailed by them, such as: 

  • depression,
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • adnexial complications,
  • prostatitis,
  • heart diseases,
  • chronic fatigue…

The list of disease can seem endless.  But you can overcome them with ease using the technique that was carefully elaborated for you during research that has been going on for many several decades. 

Though there are challenges in stem cell therapy, UCTC clinic was able to find the way to provide facilities for injection of fetal stem cells and anti-aging treatment, ulcerative colitis treatment and other diseases.

What do we get as a result of anti-aging treatment?

Stem cell therapy in anti-aging treatment does not only have to do with stimulation of restorative processes in the body.  It deals with rebuilding and substitution of damaged stem cells.  As the changes are done on a deep level the results will become the enhancements, which all aspire for, in addition to restoration of common body functions.  You will be able to balance hormones, enhance work capacity and normalize blood circulation during your anti-aging treatment.  It will stop the development of the existing diseases and thwart the new ones.  Skin regeneration in this case will be a pleasant bonus to all inner positive changes experienced by you.

Start anti-aging treatment and you can revive your vitality, forget about your health problems and return joy to your life. Which is confirmed by many  patents. Disclaimer.